Sunday 20 March 2011

The Great Escape

Oh - I am having a lovely time of late. Planning my escape - who would have thought it could be such fun? :)

I've been flogging a few things on e bay - saddles and stuff of that ilk (much as I love horses I can't really imagine ever riding another one - and the few hundred quid that is sat there in tack equipment is really better in my pocket...)..I sold my beautiful Stubben dressage saddle to somebody in Germany! I just hope that the new owner enjoys it as much as I did when I had my beloved Phoebe.

I have some storage room (courtesy of a dear friend) so most of my furniture can be saved until my return (and well will that be Oh Oracle?....probably sometime never!)...and have found a home for some other stuff.

It has made me think about 'stuff' spend a lifetime accumulating 'stuff'...most of which you don't even know you have. This 'stuff' doesn't actually fulfil its promise (ie - of making you HAPPY) but we are attached to it never the less. Getting rid of it is actually quite cathartic. My goal is to leave for foreign climes owning just what I can carry. Mad? Certainly. But then again I always have been. (no comments necessary to confirm what I have just said...thanks).

This last year has taught me that I am what I am...I only need what I have...and I always have enough.

Tracy the hippy :)

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