Wednesday 16 March 2011

It's raining.....

Well bloody hell. When it rains - it pours. It does round here anyway. You suddenly make a change in your life - and then along come a few more just for good measure. I am currently making plans to run away to Malta -(flight booked already) - and give up on almost everything else in order to follow my dream...and if by magic - I meet a chap that I really like - who just happens to really like me too! Will wonders never cease?

Fourteen months in the barren landscape that is no "no man".... and then as if by magic - I get the chance to fly away - and a very nice young gentleman shows an interest.

Fortunately the two things are kind of good - and not interfering with one another - so I can fly away to Malta - and by the wonders of modern technology - can stay in touch with my friend and see what happens.

Watch this space......

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