Saturday 19 March 2011


I've just read a book (you don't say). It's the sequel to 'Eat, Pray, Love'...which was a magnificent read indeed. In the second book - our heroine - Liz - discusses marriage at some length. This is because she is in the situation where she has to marry her lover in order for them to be together in her native USA (he is Brazilian you see). She has been married before and had a very painful and messy divorce - so she is reluctant to do the deed a second time. She researches the subject of marriage at length...and what she discovers is both wonderful and thought provoking.

If you are considering marriage - or know somebody who is - I urge you to read this tome. It won't put you off getting hitched - but it will certainly put what you are about to do into some kind of glorious perspective.

It - like the wonderful 'Eat, Pray, Love' - is an amazing book - and another one that I just couldn't put down.

(Guys - it's not a chick book despite how it looks - you can read it too!)

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