Friday 26 August 2011

Trip home

Have just been on a whistle stop tour to Sheffield to say hello to a few people. I stayed with my Mum (who is deafer and dafter than ever...but also took me shopping)..spent a wonderful evening with the divine Mrs Smith before she jetted off to Portugal for her hols....had a delightful luncheon with the wonderful Mrs Morris (and saw Mr Morris too)...and had an Uncle Sams experience with the lovely Mr Elliott. Also popped by to visit the Briddons but only Mr. was home. Lovely to see him again too. Had tea with my brother and a chat on the phone with the other brother. I love my friends and family in Sheffield...and miss them sooooo much when I'm away.

Then back on the train (choo-choo) and down to Peterborough for some scuba team teaching experience (still sleeping in t'caravan....oh the glamour).

My Lovely brother is popping by later in the month to take me out for a the meantime...the microwave is going ''...AWESOME!

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