Monday, 22 August 2011


Two years after taking my first ever scuba dive.....I have successfully qualified as an Open Water Scuba Instructor!!! How good is that? I've just spent two weeks on a very intensive course - (not to mention the prior three months in Malta becoming a Divemaster)...being trained by the very lovely Helen (who is a Course Director) a flooded brick pit in Peterborough called Gildenburgh Water. I would like to thank the person who first introduced me to Scuba...but because he's a twat...I don't think I will!!! After all...all the hard work has been done by moi and a host of Padi professionals along the way. I am now one of those Padi professionals...and yesterday - when I was told that I had passed - and handed my was one of my life's proudest moments.

There are people who have helped me along the way...Mum, Dan, Jules, Jopa, Adrian, Neil and Fifi la trix (who - as always has been my number one fan)...and the crew in Malta. Also the crew here at Gildenburgh have been amazing. I thank you all.

Next step? I'm going to be here for a couple of months doing some team teaching and getting some experience under my belt...and then I think I may travel the world :)

I am one VERY happy Scuba Diving Instructor :) XX


Beautiful New life