Sunday 28 November 2010

Great Book

I've always been a bit of an avid reader. Usually got my nose buried in some book or other. I have a list of favourite authors and amongst them is John Grisham. He writes legal thrillers...and bearing in mind my interest in all things legal (from both sides of the to speak!) it's no surprise that when I spotted his latest book in Sainsberg's yesterday - I had to purchase said tome.
I've just finished it - and I have to say - it's probably his best book yet. It's the story of a wrongfully convicted man on Death Row with just days to go before his execution. Then....the actual murderer pops up wanting to confess. The ensuing story involves tension, drama, politics, corruption and the age-old battle of good v bad - and how that is ignored by the legal system. It's a cracking read - and I would heartily recommend it. Buy it - and let me know what you think. I would give it a very healthy nine out of ten :)


  1. You just spoilt it by telling us he was wrongfully convicted. Don't need to bother reading it now. :-)

  2. The fact that he was wrongfully convicted is known from the first chapter - so I haven't spoiled anythng :)


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