Friday 5 November 2010

The Red House

A few weeks ago I put a little picture of my bijou wee cottage on here when all the leaves were green...and at the time I promised to update the image when it turned red. So here it is. Look also at the beautiful blue sky above. I adore my little house and have never been happier than when I'm living here. I have my wee dog, my log fire, my very own double bed in which I can stretch and fidget to my heart's content - and my lovely dining room in which I occasionally entertain my lovely friends. 

The house has now actually gone bald - so I'll put a picture of that on here in a few days time. Goodnight X


  1. If you love having your very own double bed why are you going on so many dates? :-)

  2. my house is all red... lovely huh!
    c of l x


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