Wednesday 3 November 2010

Where have you been?

Well I've been a bit busy - doing this and that - you know how it is. Chilling with friends...making ends meet (not very well for most of the time) resting...reading...watching movies...and generally just relaxing a bit. All a bit idle and self indulgent I feel - but hey-ho...not to worry:)

Tomorrow I'm off to get my hair cut a la Shazza (see picture) after three years of the same style we fancied a bit of a change, and so the picture over there to the left is the look we're going for. I have to be careful with hairstyles because my hair is very fine - so luscious long thick locks are out of the question ... sadly.

Also sadly - I don't have Shazza'z lovely face either - mine has a few more wrinkles - which is a bit of a bugger seeing as she's actually older then me....but then again if I had her cash I might be able to have a few nips and tucks and keep looking as if I were still in my thirties instead of heading like a speeding bullet towards my fifties.

I just want to look a bit more funky......check back tomorrow and I may post a pic of the new style :)
POSTCRIPT - Have just checked and Shazza is a full five years older than me - she's 52!!! Christ - she looks good...... (I'm just popping upstairs for a weep)

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