Wednesday 20 October 2010

Faint heart never won fair lady...

...but maybe a Mercedes might help.

Let me explain. Yesterday La Trix and I went to funeral. Very sad it was too. The man who passed away was a big personality in our area and therefore there were lots of mourners. Among the crowds I spotted Edward. The last time I saw Edward was way back in the early 1990's when I lived in a little cottage (not the same little cottage that I live in now - she's got a thing about cottages). He lived next door with his Mum and dad and his siblings. They were (still are) a lovely family. At the time I had a very nice flashy silver Mercedes benz (oh Lord..won't you buy me..) two seater sports car. I loved that car. It was so 'me'.

Anyway - one day young Edward rang my doorbell to ask a favour. He'd met a girl that he really liked and he wanted to impress her. Could he borrow my car to take her out? Of course I said yes. Why wouldn't I? So he did. And it worked. 

Yesterday he introduced my to his lovely wife - they've been married a good number of years. Who is she? The girl that he took out in my Mercedes. So it worked then.

How lovely X

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