Saturday 9 October 2010

Oh - I'm sorry...X Factor

Here I am on a Saturday night watching one of my favourite programmes. After last week's debacle when silly Cheryl (who has gone right down in my estimation) put through the daft lass with the crap voice and the ridiculous eyebrows (?) who kept forgetting her words instead of the fabulous naturally brilliant Gamu (who since is being threatened with deportation - "Oh well ...she couldn't have gone on the show anyway"...let's all get Chezza off the hook before the loving public turn on her......) and her performance ended up being worse than a very bad working man's club karoake version of God Knows What....

Then we have the absolutely ridiculous Diva Fever - who undressed on stage to reveal an outfit that you would get thrown out of the gym for wearing. It was woeful. Seriously.

Paije started out quite well until he got to the ..'whoa whoa whoa ' bit of his song and then he went a bit astray.

So - so far - we've had nobody who is sparkling. Apart from Tesco Mary...who was fabulous - truly Diva. I know it's only the first week and they're all nervous - that I understand - but so far they've been pretty shite. And how annoying are the audience with all that braying and hollering.......

This may well be the last time that I watch this show - so what the hell else am I going to do on every Saturday night between now and Christmas..... ??

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