Wednesday 13 October 2010

I just haven't met you yet

Last night I was on the dog and bone for 97 minutes talking to somebody. It's somebody I've never met - a friend of a friend. We like each other (although we've never seen each other). He is interesting and thoughtful and quite deep thinking - and funny. We talked about all kinds of things from our mutual desire to buy a narrow boat to the problems inherent in the NHS. I love it when new people come into my life - usually by accident or by three degrees of separation. I love it when I find people with whom I can indulge my love of chatting . I love talking about all manner of things. I love getting to know somebody - how they work - what they think and feel ...what their desires and drives are - all their aspects and angles. It takes time (I'm usually in a hurry) and it's lovely just to spend that time and really learn. 

On Saturday I am meeting more new people - people that I have interacted with on FB - and who make me laugh out loud. I am so looking forward to meeting them. Learning from them and discovering all about them.

We are social creatures. People are interesting and fascinating and all have their own story to tell. This year I have studied and learned about loads of things...but most importantly I've learned loads about 'folk'...who they are and why they do the things that they do. I have gained compassion and understanding (I hope) and found so much love surrounding me from people who are my friends. I love adding to my list of friends. You never know who is around the next corner.

As Michael Bouble says... "I just haven't met you yet"


  1. Did you really just quote Michael Bouble?

    Oh dear. :-)

  2. As always Christian - razor sharp wit - I love you x


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