Friday 8 October 2010

Back now :)

Hello. I'm back. Sorry for the break in transmission - but it was worth it (to me anyway). As you know - have been to Malta with Liz for a week. Had a ball. Met some lovely lovely people. This young lady is a real gem - so much so that now Liz and I are her adoptive Aunties. If you're looking for a touch of handsome young gallic charm - then look no further than this young man. Despite being almost half my age - well - let's just say that when he kissed my hand and looked deep into my eyes while we discussed philosophy....I seriously considered doing a Shirley V and running off to France for ever. Yes - ladies - he's single - and I have his phone number - which I am prepared to release for a hefty sum :)

Whilst in Malta and diving with Jools - I took my Nitrox qualification and am now officially able to dive with super-funky air that can have as much as 40% oxygen!!! Talk about high as a kite.  I only need two more small qualifications and then I will be a 'Master Scuba Diver' which is the highest recreational Scuba standard that exists.

I dived wrecks, and reefs and had loads and loads of fun. - Oh yes - I got a bit of a tan too. 

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