Thursday 30 September 2010

Am I my Mother?

Today I popped to Fifi's for lunch. I'm not going to see her for a while (a whole week) and I will miss her (a lot). I thought she may be walking a bit like the hobbit today after 'Yogalates hell' last night  and her recent operation - but NO - she was doing better than me.  :(

Anyway we were chatting about my impending journey by British Rail down to Billericay tomorrow...when lo and behold...without prior warning... I went into "Turning into my Mother" mode. I actually thought about - and then verbalised - the idea of making some sandwiches, wrapping them in silver foil, and making a flask of tea - to take on the train for a snack - because those British Rail sandwiches are not very nice (are they dear?) and so expensive.

I mean - I actually thought it - and then spoke it out loud. It really did seem like a great idea.

I am now suicidal. Fuckity Fuck Fuck.

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