Sunday 12 September 2010

Never before......

Today I have been reminded of my love for all things patriotic. As you know (ahem) I served in HM forces when I was a young lady (reminder picture to the right) and am very, very, very proud to have done so.  I didn't get the chance to fight for my country - but had the chance arisen I would have taken it - it wouldn't have even been something to think about. It was a given. I also have a slight new interest in all things to do with aeroplanes - seeing as I have a new 'friend' who is a pilot.

This evening I have just watched a programme about the Battle of Britain pilots from WWII with the delightful David Jason ... (I wasn't watching it with him - not on my sofa sharing peanuts and wine)....and it was excellent. It brought a tear to my eyes a few times.

I am honoured that those brave men and women gave their lives for us to maintain our country's freedom. My grandparents were involved in the war - one Grandfather built floating pontoons down in London for the Royal Navy, my other Grandfather was a POW in Italy. My Grandmother worked for the Fire service and was involved in the Sheffield Blitz. 

My friend's son has recently joined the Navy and when I saw him last week we were talking about the pride you feel as a serving member of HM Forces. I will never forget that feeling of pride...and still have it. It is a good thing.

We must never forget all those brave men and women who did what they did for us to have what we have. As Winston Churchill said 'Never before have so many owed so much to so few'.

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