Thursday 16 September 2010

Second date...second base?

Last night I had a phone call from a chap. I liked this chap when I met him - and clearly he liked me. Told me he's been thinking about me - a lot. (Of course there could be nothing better for him to think about). He's been out with a few other ladies since we met, but sadly - none of them lit his fire quite like I did (his words - not poetic). 

So the upshot is - he's driving to mine on Friday night - will accompany me to Scuba club at the local pub in Nether Edge - and then he's taking me out to dinner. Said he can't wait to see me again.

Ker-ching :)


  1. Be careful not to let him see the real you. ;-)

    Har har. I'm so funny!!!

  2. That last comment was from Christian - he used to be my friend :)


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