Thursday 30 September 2010


Today I am packing. For our brief sojourn to Malta. I am very excited. However - because we're going diving and obviously there's a weight restriction on luggage - I'm not taking any glamour stuff. There's room only for basic clothing essentials - and when I say basic - I mean it. A couple of pairs of shorts - 3 or 4 t shirts - and one pair of shoes. I kid you not. No room for make-up, hairdryer, hair straighteners. By next Thursday I will look like a tramp (of the highest quality). People on the train back to Sheffield will be avoiding me and perhaps giving me a few pounds for a sandwich and some hot soup. I don't care though because I'm going diving. Which I absolutely love.

I love being under the sea where we're not supposed to go. I love swimming with the fish and exploring reefs and sea bed formations. I love floating around feeling almost weightless. I love the silence. I love looking at everything and seeing things from a totally different perspective. I really really REALLY love it. I wish I could do much more of it. 

I am eternally grateful to the person who had the idea last year that I would like it and booked me onto my first course.

I am taking my camera - and its underwater housing - so hopefully there will be lots of photographs to share when I return. 

Splish splash X

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