Tuesday 7 September 2010

Not for me

Now Wayne Rooney's been a bad boy. Actually - let's not call him a boy as it kind of trivialises what he's done. Makes him sound too young to be fully responsible for his own actions. And he's not - he's grown man. With a wife and a son. So - when he dropped his pants - can somebody please explain what he was thinking? 

Why do people do that cheating thing? What on earth is it that they're looking for? Excitement? flattery? something a bit different? an escape from the problems that they're having in their relationship? When you take your marriage vows - or express romantic commitment to somebody - why would you then go ahead and have a relationship with somebody else. At what point do you begin to ignore your conscience - and excuse yourself - how do you excuse yourself? How can you possibly make it right within your heart?


1 comment:

  1. It's easy. He's a thick as pigshit footballer. His brain is in his balls.

    What makes this even more classy is the fact his wife was pregnant when he was doing it. Nice.


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