Wednesday 22 September 2010

Birthday Girls

Tonight we have been here to celebrate mine and Fifi's birthdays. We had a lovely meal courtesy of Pete the chef (who is brilliant)...great conversation and much laughter. There were seven of us altogether..and we've had a lovely time. Thankyou to Mary, Mel, Moya, Jayne and Helen for sharing our celebration with us.


  1. My invite must have got lost in the post. :-)

    Saying that, if it was all women I can imagine the noise was worse than Amelia's pre-school. :-)

  2. Christian - it was a GIRLS night out. Mind you - I know you have that lovely pink dress and those great high heels. Thinking about it - you could have come!

  3. Stop saying such cruel things. I would never wear a pink dress.

    You know it's a slinky little black number. :-)

  4. I've seen you in pink - you fibber - it looks great on you - especially with those lovely sexy F**k me high heels that you have. Mind you - next time it may pay to remember to wax your legs :)


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