Saturday 11 September 2010

Happy Birthday ex-hubby :)

Yesterday was my lovely ex-husband's fiftieth birthday. Even though we divorced a few years ago we have remained friends and I love him dearly. He's a lovely, lovely man. We had ten very happy years together prior to getting married (!) and then we got married, lived together and it all went a bit Pete Tong. Nobody's fault really - just one of those things. But he remains one of the nicest people I know - and everybody who knows him says the same thing about him. 

He loves his rock music, loves his beer and likes to relax and have fun. he is one of the kindest and most gentle people on the planet, and I am extremely grateful that we are friends. It was lovely to see him and share his special evening :)

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  1. He looks lovely! Not what I thought he would look like, I have to admit!!! Lisa xx


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