Thursday 23 September 2010

Meter reading

The man has just been to read my Electric Meter. I've just had my carpets cleaned. So...he's not coming inside my bijou wee cottage with his shoes on. Simples. I ask him to remove his shoes - he says 'no' - (some twaddle to do with Health & Safety...needs his steel toe cap shoes for all the hazards in my home - a cushion may just fall on his toe - or he may get attacked by a dried flower....JEEZ)...

My house - my rules - my carpets - (oil of Evening Primrose....Dear?)

Cue - ensuing 'discussion' (argument) regarding the law regarding Meter Reading. I tell him (in no uncertain terms) to Piss off. My meter hasn't been read.

No matter - because when the bill comes - I can ring them up in a state of outrage at their 'estimation' - give them the correct reading - and receive an up-dated bill.

In truth I was a bit pee'd off because when the doorbell rang I thought it was probably the man from Interflora bringing me a bunch of 'Happy Birthday' flowers from George (Clooney). Alas - No - it was some spotty grungy dirty uniform-wearing  oik from 'Meter Plus'. (Who incidentally work on behalf of N Power - so that was never going to go well really....was it?)

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