Wednesday 29 September 2010


"...and what is that?" I hear you enquire. The clue is in the's a cross between Yoga and Pilates and sounded a wee bit more gentle than a step class of aerobics (I don't really want to push the 47 year old envelope).

So off we trot. Myself, Helen and Fiona (recently had hip replaced - requiring gentle exercise).

It was hard - damn hard - I couldn't stretch to touch my toes - couldn't lift my legs off the floor and drew a complete blank when it came to crossing my legs in yoga-buddha like position. I mean - I always though I was quite supple - but seeing as I haven't done any real bodily exercise for about 9 months - it shouldn't really be a surprise to realise that the woman on the next mat - aged about 94 and weighing 16 stone - would find it easier than me.

The teacher - all blonde, under 30,  firm and cheerily enthusiastic with a delightful sing-song voice (I wanted to punch her frickin' lights out) was kind and sweet - but couldn't really keep the 'I can't believe that you have let yourself go that much love' look off her face - and tried to be helpful and sympathetic to my obvious difficulties. 

Will I be going again? Probably not - but am more than happy to wait in the bar scoffing crisps and drinking gin while Helen and Fiona have another crack next time.

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