Wednesday 22 September 2010

Pilot Update

Went out on date with Pilot on Friday night. Had an OK time. (Mind you that did include 35 minutes of him telling me all about the break up of his last relationship - you are so clearly NOT OVER IT)  I wasn't massively entertained....he came back to mine for 'coffee' - and then he had coffee.  Then he left. We discussed future dates and made a tentative plan to go walking on Tuesday. All very nice. (yeah - right)

Then he did nothing. I text him to see if he still wanted to go. Nothing. So I text him to say that while it was nice to meet him - I didn't really see a future in things and maybe it was for the best...and all that 'nice' crap - when I actually wanted to tell him that he was a tad bad mannered !

Now he's texting me wanting to be my friend. For Christ's sake. I just don't get this stuff. Men are freaky and weird and stoooopid. Seriously!....oh yes - and they wee on the toilet seat .....

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