Wednesday 15 September 2010

Holiday plan.....

How excited am I? Yesterday my dear friend and I finalised plans for a trip that we've been talking about all year. We both (desperately) need a holiday as we haven't been away all year. (Pity party?) It's been a tough year for both of us and we need a break. We were going to go to Dan's dad's villa in Spain - but knowing him as we do - last minute changes were inevitable - and quite frankly - we couldn't cope with the stress.

I really wanted to do more diving - last time I was in the water was back in March in Gozo - but Julian has now moved to Malta. So - with the help of a pal who works for Sleasyjet (cheap flights anyone?) last night we booked heavily discounted flights to Malta, cheap and cheerful accommodation - and she is booked on a 18m Open Water diving course. She's a bit worried that she may not like diving - but I've told her that everyone loves it...what's not to like?

So while she's learning how to dive for three days - I will be doing more adventurous stuff under the sea - and after six days - we're coming home again.

We're off at the beginning of October - and won't be gone long - but it will be lovely! I can't wait :)

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