Wednesday 10 November 2010

Thankyou for my friends

It's all going on here. I've been right busy. And I mean right busy :) Tonight I've been (early doors) to see my friend Helen's shop and her new Christmas stock. We had a cheeky glass of vino and bumped into lots of friends old and new. Went there with the divine Fiona - but saw Helen, the lovely Dot, Jacqui, Melissa, Michelle and Vicky. Lovely ladies one and all. I adore my girlfriends. I've known them all for ever - and they're just brill.

I've also had a nice chat today with Jopapapapa and Su. Again - lovely true ladies with hearts of gold.

On Friday I will be out for a few glasses with Jayne - who is also a real shiny star in my universe. Our Friday nights out are cast in stone and I ALWAYS have a lovely time with her.

Last night I had a bit of a shocker - when somebody did a really really bad thing to me - and it was nasty :( - but as always - my lovely friends and my dearest Dan were there for me - right where and when I needed them.

Ladies - I love you - one and all XXXX

PS - Christian - I love you too (because I just know I'm going to get a comment) !


  1. I just want to know what happened to you. Do you want me and some friends to beat anyone up? :-)

  2. ha ha - not necessary thanks. I don't 'do' revenge...I'm much more a 'the universe takes care of it - what goes around comes around' kind of girl xx

  3. we love you too! keep smiling, keep laughing, keep talking, keep looking ahead! :)
    c of l x


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