Saturday 20 November 2010

Yoo Hoo

Hello world. Hope you're all doing okay. Things are a bit quiet on every front here at the moment and that would explain my lack of posts. Many apologies to those of you who check in from time to time to catch up. The weather has turned and now it's brrrrr chilly every day. Millie doesn't like it and I have to practically drag her out of the door for her daily constitutional. I don't think much of it either and it makes me think that maybe my next home should be somewhere warmer.

There's still not a lot happening on the work front - despite having a few irons in a few fires - things don't seem to be happening - so a distinct lack of funding - but I still have my health and my friends and my lovely I am luckier than most. I certainly haven't been as stupid this week as Jason Mumford or Lord whatshisname - both of whom have had to resign. Loose lips sink ships - or as in Jason's case - daft fingers sending texts can cost you your living :) and probably your wife too. Men? I'll never quite get what makes some of them do such stoopid things. Thank goodness they're not all like that.

This year I have been totally entranced by the latest offernings of ITV's 'I'm a celebrity'. It's been completely hilarious at times.

Check back later and you may find I have something a bit more interesting to say..........adieu mes amis....

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