Thursday 2 December 2010

Weather Report

We are gripped in the midst of the worse winter weather for over 100 years. Over the last 48 hours Sheffield has been blessed with over 12 inches of snow. Fortunately for me my lovely big tonka truck can get most places in the snow - so I have been doing my bit for care in the community!

Tuesday saw me driving all around Sheffield rounding up the aged relatives who were going to Las Vegas and needed to get to London. They were going to drive down - but we booked them on the train - then the problem was getting to the station...mission accomplished - eventually - and off they went.

Yesterday was spent collecting a few friends and taking them to Tesco. Christian lives on a hill in a place where a gritter would never venture - and they had about a foot of snow. He did advise not even trying to drive down his road - but I did - and it was a success. Off we went to Tesco and stocked up on groceries....I nearly killed a few pedestrians - but then discovered the car horn and quite enjoyed blasting it at people on an ongoing basis. Mind you - you should have seen the looks I got!

I was at the point where 'showing off' was the order of the day - that was - until I got well and truly stuck in Fiona's next door neighbour's drive while attempting a three point turn. Two shovels, twenty minutes and two knackered daft old bats later - and finally I was free.

Came home - cooked tea - lit a coal fire and watched the weather on the news!

This morning I'm off to Dronfield to collect Helen who hasn't opened her shop for two days.....

More snow forecast for today and tonight........

However - I do love the snow - I love the disruption - I love the way thet people just get on with it and do whatever they need to do to carry on....and let's face it - without the British Weather...what on earth would we talk about??

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