Friday 24 December 2010

Felicitations of the Season

Hello ! Just got back from Tesco...was in there running round with the trolley at 7am (Madness). It wasn't too bad apart from the fact that they had run out of goose fat...can you imagine? Whoever is in charge of ordering needs a stern word. I bumped into a lady who had full make-up on and hair done and everything. I had my pyjamas on under my coat and woolly hat to disguise the horrific bed-hair. I managed the whole thing in 40 minutes and was back home by ten to eight - after an altercation with a bin lorry (why do they think that they own the entire road?).

Dan is still asleep - and I need to get on with things - I have vegetables to peel and everything. I admit to being a bit nervous about cooking the turkey - but it will either work out or it won't! I am not doing sprouts because I don't want the whole house to smell like a giant fart. And, what's more I can't think of anybody who actually likes sprouts... I certainly don't.

Just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Christmas with your families / friends and I hope that Santa brings you everything your heart desires.

Merry Christmas XX

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  1. I like sprouts and so do Alice and Amelia, and they are little girls who are fussy eaters. :-)

    I think that everyone who likes sprouts should leave a comment on this post to show Tracy how wrong she is about this fantastic vegetable. :-)


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