Friday 31 December 2010

The Tailor

This is my Maternal Grandfather. I don't have many pictures of him (sadly) and he left this  mortal coil about twenty years ago. I loved him. A lot.

He was a master tailor - and re-knowned here in Sheffield (scroll down the page to see some lovely comments)for the best suits. When I was a little girl we would go down to his shop to see him and there he'd be - fag in hand (always) tape measure around his neck and a piece of tailor's chalk in his pocket. He was a lovely man. He was a bit of a rogue - and left my grandmother for somebody else (which was practically unheard of in those days) but together they had four lovely children, My Mum and her twin sister, My Uncle Anthony and my Uncle Nick.

He had a big car and I remember breaking the electric windows by pushing a three-penny bit down the glass whilst sitting eating crisps and drinking pop outside the Three Merry Lads pub on a sunday afternoon. He used to take us to Endcliffe Park to go stickelback fishing.

He would buy us the best Christmas gifts - always expensive and wonderful - and when I was about five he took me to Manchester on the train (what an exciting day out) - to a toy shop - and let me choose a toy! I chose a Spirograph (remember those?) and to this day remember going for lunch with him in a posh hotel.

He made our overcoats when we were small - my brothers had a camel wool overcoat each and I had a matching cape. We looked simply divine!

Last night I was out with Jayne and we were chatting to one of Sheffield's most successful businessmen. For some reason the subject of my Grandad came up - and he was delighted to find out that I was his grand-daughter.... (he said I look like him!) He told me that the best suits he ever owned were made by my Grandad...and funnily enough - nearly every male I have ever spoken to (over the age of about 45) remembers with fondness their 'Billy Mackley' suit.

I loved my Grandad with all my heart when I was a little girl  and I'm sad that he's no longer here. When he passed I was honoured to be by his side - and later on we all sat in the waiting room of the place he died and drank whiskey to his memory. He liked a drop of Whiskey you see.

It's nice to know that he is still remembered so fondly by so many gentleman in this city for whom he sewed a suit.

God Bless Grandad. Sleep tight X


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