Tuesday 28 December 2010

Jam-making (again)

This morning we went to Meadowhell. It was full of people, and then some. But we had to go so that I could go to 'Lakeland'. I know it's sad - but I wanted to spend my Christmas money on stuff to make jam.

I made jam last year in another life - and really enjoyed it...God only knows why it appeals so much - but I think it's because you can give it away. I know that might not make much sense - but I know what I mean.

Anyway I know have 4 dozen jam jars, labels and lids, a jam thermometer and a jam funnel. I also got a weighing scale (for the kitchen) a ladle, and a slow cooker.

Right now my cider, apple and chicken casserole is slow-cooking away nicely....and tomorrow - tomorrow I shall be boiling jam.

Perhaps I should get out more.

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  1. i love jam! i'll buy some off ya babe! c of l x


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