Thursday 11 September 2008


Rightio - for those of you who aren't aware - a big red letter day is looming. My birthday in fact - but not just any birthday - oh no - it's the big 45. Crikey - when I type that it looks like such a large number. I'm quite perturbed. I never thought I could be so old!!! At school we had teachers who were 45 and we would be really careful to avoid them in the corridors in case we banged into them and broke their brittle bones. I must tell you that inside I am still only nineteen. Honestly. I am. I never really wanted a huge mortgage and a pension and credit cards and a home and contents insurance policy with accidental damage cover. But I have all those things now. I just wanted more sweets and comics and red skipping ropes.....oh yes and maybe another cap gun as my brother knicked my last one....ooh and an action man doll because they were ace (but it has to be the one with 'eagle eyes' and real hair).

I can't quite comprehend that I am a fully fledged 'grown-up' because for most of the time I really don't feel like one.  I'm always telling myself that once I become a grown-up I will start to take things a bit more seriously and calm down a bit. But it hasn't happened yet. I wonder if it ever does? or are we, even at ninety-five still only 19 inside?

Anyway - it's in the next couple of weeks - and all gifts of cap guns, skipping ropes, comics, and bags of sweets would be gratefully received. Seriously I would love to get a cap gun for my birthday!!!!

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