Sunday 21 September 2008


...About next weekend!! Back to Sheffield (be needing warm clothes then) to see my friends (and my Mum and my delicious Aunty Mimi)  ...yaaay!!!! And I'm very excited about being little Amelia's Godmother. Crikey - what a responsibility!!!  Now that I'm not working I can spend longer up there than I originally planned and see more people. Which is a good thing!!! I may not be able to cope with the chill though and have to come rushing back down to Surrey to get warm!!! Phoebe will be well looked after on the new yard so I don't have to worry about her - and I think Millie is staying at Jo's for the weekend so I don't need to worry about her either.

I may also be flying out to Cyprus for a few days if I can get a cheap enough flight sometime in the next few weeks. 

I'm so looking forward to the future and the exciting possibilities it will bring:)

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