Thursday 11 September 2008

Chip Shop

Tonight I've had fish and chips for dinner. Obviously this involves a trip to the chippy. While I was there waiting in the very long queue I realised that the chippy is one of those places - like the tube - or the train station - where people of all types, classes and creeds meet up. You get all sorts in the chippy. Tonight there were old age pensioners calling to collect a fish supper. Dirty grimy construction workers wearing dust laden jeans and those tan work boots...they were covered in a layer of plaster dust an inch thick. There was little old me - in my riding gear and smelling like a stable. There was also two teenage girls who had arrived in a purple Vauxhall Corsa, complete with pink wheel trims and a pink steering wheel and pink (of course) fluffy dice!!! They were clarted in make-up and wearing clothes that made me shiver - and their lips were stuck together with gooey lip gloss - obviously getting some food inside them before a night out on the lash!!!! Go Girls!!! There were also two young black men who were wearing those jeans below their hips that only a miracle keeps from falling down (what is that about?) and baseball caps (back to front)  - talking in that pseudo rasta accent - they kept clenching their fists - meeting knuckles and calling each other 'blood'...I'm sorry - but I just don't get it??? It's all a bit daft when you think that they're probably from Hersham.

There was also a business man who arrived driving an Aston Martin and wearing a very very expensive suit (I can just tell). 

See what I mean - a very eclectic mix for a chippy!!! It takes all sorts !!

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