Tuesday 23 September 2008

More gifts for me :)

The postman has been (does he always ring twice?) and brought me loads of cards and two parcels. In one parcel there was a new sports top from a great shop called "Swetty Betty" which I love from Russell and Sarah (he obviously thinks I'm going to take up some kind of fitness regime), and a great parcel from Moya which had some sherbet dib-dabs (yaaay) some love heart sweets and some 'flumps' (which I love) and a lovely notebook and pencil and bookmark - she had obviously read my blog post about wanting to be a child again - Thank you Moya!!! Dan has bought me a lovely new riding top from "Joules" which is very soft and fluffy, and Jan bought me a nice big box of chocolates (!) 

I have had loads of cards from everywhere and Dan and her Dad have just cooked me a nice brunch of bacon and poached eggs - and we all sat round the table with Jan and Jon and had a good old natter and I've had the piss well and truly taken out of me because I'm now a year older....ho hum...nothing changes there then. I've had loads of emails and Facebook messages from friends far and wide. I do feel very special and loved today - which is a great feeling :)

Tonight there are about ten of going out to dinner at 'The Minnow' (at top of list of favourite eateries) and that will be wonderful. I will post photos later.
I am having a lovely day xxx

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