Wednesday 17 September 2008

Keeping your adsl?

Well, I'd really like to - don't even mind having it put into my own name - even though I have to pay an outstanding bill for over £200 that the company haven't paid (well - I've had the use of it - so I don't mind paying for it)....but right now I'm in another queue - this time to the 'Corporate Accounts department' and have been for over 18 minutes so far. BT really value their corporate clients - clearly!!!!...I have to tell you that dealing with BT for the last 24 hours has been THE MOST FRUSTRATING THING I HAVE EVER HAD TO DO for a very long time. Eventually our I.T Manager gave me the phone number of the BT account manager who deals with our company - I phoned him and he managed to get everything sorted out in about 5 minutes - (why he couldn't have given me this person's contact details weeks ago when I asked him...I don't know...........) but then I had to phone up and pay the outstanding bill, and set up future billing in my one name by direct debit. Anyway - it's all done now so hopefully...All systems go!!!!!

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