Tuesday 16 September 2008

More BT!!

Am just having a nice chat with Kevin from Wakefield who works at the BT call centre (at present I am on hold with Mantovani in my ears !!!) and he is desperately trying to get my phone re-connected before the normal 7 day time frame!!!!  So now we're going to get it reconnected in a business name - and then transfer it back to residential......oh crikey....No.....now there's more Mantovani as I'm back in a queue to the Business Centre.

later - much.....much.......later....Now I remember why my home 'phone in Sheffield was with a cable company and I left BT!!!!! 

I still don't have a 'phone line and it's looking like I may have it back in the morning (yeah...right!).....however - how long is a piece of string?

At least Kevin was in Wakefield and not Banglahore.

Steam coming out of my ears !!!!

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