Thursday 25 September 2008

Phoebe is half-moved !!

I am pleased to report that Phoebe is now safely snuggled in her new stable. The job is half done as I have another trip to go and fetch the rest of her stuff - but I thought I deserved a break which includes a nice cup of coffee and some toast and "Laughing Cow"

She is of course, looking lovely and groomed and very fetching in her new bandages and her best travel rug (all matching) whereas I look like a gypsy. I am happy to report that she loaded onto the lorry very easily (no arguments) and unloaded like a pro at the other end - no running down the ramp and diving into the nearest field for Phoebe - Oh no - she has lovely manners.

I have broken three fingernails - my hair is full of hay and straw and I have a big black grease mark right across my left boob !!!! Not a good look!!!

The nice lorry man (in his huge 6 Horse HGV) was following me to Sunbury and we managed to hold up all the traffic in Weybridge, then Walton and finally at Sunbury roundabout - so if you got stuck behind us this morning I do apologise!!!

Moving horses and all their paraphernalia is - I have to say - probably man's work - but whenever I've moved mine it has always been down to me and me alone!!!! (well, apart from the lorry driver of course). It involves moving heavy stuff (wheelbarrows - bales of shavings - rug racks) it usually involves power tools (putting rug racks up at new home) and a whole load of dirt and cobwebs.

To say I have a lot of male friends - they are all a bit thin on the ground today and slightly conspicuous by their absence!!! Ho Hum xx

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