Sunday 28 September 2008

Road Trip

Right - I'm back from my lovely lovely weekend away - and tomorrow I shall write all about the weekend - the people I saw and the things we did. I have had a great time. But I just want to tell you about the road trip. During the last 40 hours - I have driven over 400 miles. My backside is numb and my legs are stiff. I listen to music when I'm driving and have many many cds of all kinds of music...but like a complete numpty I only took three with me. If you think that the last 40 miles of my journey home tonight took me nearly three hours (M25 Car park - picture above!) you will understand when I tell you that I now know all the words to all the songs on all three cds - all the way through. Tomorrow I will be changing my music in the car!!!

Songs I have listened to (over and over again) include.....Close to you - Maxi Priest, Out of the Blue - Delta Goodrum, Far Away - Nickelback, How come the world won't stop turning - Anastacia, The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice, Close the Door - Teddy Prendergrass,  For the First Time - Rod Stewart, Want to make a Memory - Bon Jovi, Don't Give Up - Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush, Just for you - Glitter Band, Come Back and Stay - Paul Young, Never A Day - Wood, Moonlight Kiss - Bap Kennedy, Waiting in Vain - Annie Lennox, When You Know - Shawn Colvin, 1983 - John  Mayer, This Year - Chantal Kreviazuk, The Distance - Eva & Jaron, Looking for a way out - Odyssey, Sealed with a Kiss - Gene Pitney, Body Talk - Imagination.

Off to bed now for a very long sleep - I haven't even unpacked the car :-)

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