Saturday 13 September 2008

Getting on my nerves

The girls who runs our stable yard is a bit of a tit sometimes. (I hope she doesn't read this). She's trying to tell me that I owe her fifty quid. I've checked - and I don't. Now she wants me to phone my bank and get them to prove to her that the cheque I gave her was for £150 (as I say) and not £100 (which she says). I've shown her the cheque book stub and my bank statement. Seeing that it's her that is looking to gain the extra fifty quid I think she should be checking with her bank don't you? I'm quite happy with things the way they stand. She's sent me seven texts about this altogether this afternoon - and with the mood I'm in today - she's seriously in danger of becoming a casualty. I'm even thinking of changing my mobile phone number - or at least giving her a call and telling her to 'go forth and multiply'. :)

She is also nagging me to do my share of sweeping and poo-picking. Seeing as I'm leaving there at the end of next week - that's hardly likely is it? No Shit Sherlock.

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