Thursday 11 September 2008

More tales of Alzheimers

This morning I had an appointment before work so I didn't get into Kingston until 10.45am. My usual spot on the ground floor of the multi-storey car park (horrid grey concrete dungeon-like place) had been taken so I had to drive round and round until I found a space - eventually ending up on the 11th floor.

When I left work this afternoon I had - of course - completely forgotten about this change from the norm. (who is Norm?) So at 3.30pm there I was walking round and round getting more and more frustrated and more and more convinced that my car had been nicked. I never actually remembered having left it up there in the gods - it was only through a process of elimination that I found it at all.  That process involved walking - in high heel boots - right through every floor of the car park until I found my big black yorkie bars aren't for girls truck. It's a good job I'd had a nice pasta lunch with Darren because I sure as hell burnt off those carbs!!! It's getting beyond a joke.

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