Sunday 14 September 2008

Helen and Andrew Thom

Yesterday evening - before I went out - I had a lovely lengthy telephone conversation with my old friend Helen Thom. Helen has been my friend since I moved to the little house next to the "Rising Sun" - (about 17 years ago) I met her at the same time I met Christian - and what a great friend she is. The three of us, Helen, Christian and I - along with Rob and Lucy used to work in the pub together and then spend most of our 'off time' together too. We all had very little money - but we used to have an awful lot of laughs!!

She has three children but at the time only had two. Greg and Wrae. Wrae was close to Dan in age and one time we took the three of them to the seaside in a caravan for the weekend - tired them out completely and then told them at 5pm that it was 7pm and got them into bed - we then opened a few bottles of wine!!! We had many a Sunday Lunch together when Andrew (her husband - but at the time they weren't married) was working in the pub - and have got drunk together more times than I care to mention. I can  remember many parties at the 'Sun' and many a night lamenting the meaning of 'life, the universe, and everything'.!!!

We always  had such a laugh - playing cards until the wee hours!!  We kind of lost touch when I moved down to Surrey - but it was great to catch up and when I go home the week after next for Amelia's Christening I am going to stay at their house - yippee - I can't wait. They also have another daughter called Georgina who is now all grown up and the last time I saw her she was a toddler!!! Time flies and you can lose touch with people for a time - but then - up they pop - and it's just like yesterday again. Andrew and Helen introduced me to John Shuttleworth (The Yamaha Years) and 'League of Gentlemen' - for which I am eternally grateful!!! Helen also is a big Gin and Tonic girl - you see - so much in common!!! I am very excited about seeing them again.

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