Friday 12 September 2008

I tunes

I have a huge i tunes music collection and am always adding to it. If anyone ever tells me that a song is good I just buy it (79p) and listen for myself. I have a wireless connection to my amp - so when I play i tunes it comes out of my huge Mission speakers. I obviously have my favourites and get a bit fed up of moving from one playlist to another looking for the songs that I like. I always have music on when I'm in the house (too much time alone?) this morning I've made a short favourites playlist for today which will loop round and round while I'm doing domestic 'stuff'. On today's playlist are......Close to you - Maxi priest, Just for you - The Glitterband, Turn off the lights - Teddy Prendergrass, I can sing a rainbow - Delta Goodrum, Out of the Blue - Delta Goodrum (again), Far Away - Nickelback,  and Fields of Gold - Eva Cassidy.

There's no accounting for taste is there?

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