Tuesday 5 June 2007

Pooh Pah Pants

Today has not been the best day. In fact today has been a 'Poh Pah Pants'Day. I still have the remnants of the 'man-flu' I contracted last week, and this is not very nice. I have a hacking, rattling cough, permanent pain at the top of my nose (sinus) and today this developed into a full blown migraine which precipitated an afternoon on the sofa, under a thin blanket watching back to back episodes of "Dog, the Bounty Hunter" whilst drifting in and out of dozes. I did get my laundry and ironing done this morning, and a spot of food shopping, but the rest of the day has gone to pot. I'm usually such a busy person that I hate being ill as it inteferes with my plans. I wanted to ride my Phoebe this afternoon, but was feeling too shitty to face it.

I have taken enough tablets today to rattle as I walk and now just feel pretty crappy. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be feeling a bit better. I have however, booked a table for The Minnow for Saturday night with Jacqui and Mel and I'm really looking forward to that.

All sympathetic comments gratefully received.

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