Tuesday 2 September 2008

Making a mess in the bathroom with Millie

Millie - naughty little white dog - has been out for a long walk today with Barbara (marvellous dog-walking lady). Apparently Millie is a very good swimmer!!! She regularly jumps in the river when the other dogs go in for a paddle - but because she is only small she ends up swimming when the bigger dogs are only paddling. Swimming in shallow water has the effect of stirring up all the dirty brown silt and greenish slimy mud at the bottom of the stream or pond. Have you any idea how smelly that stuff is when it comes back into your house all over the dog? Tonight Millie has had a bath with her special "magic" whitening shampoo (just for dogs - not for humans) which is actually a navy blue colour!!! She doesn't like it in the bath and spends all her time trying to scrabble out - and I spend all my time trying to hold her back in. The resulting mess in the bathroom - with splashes of navy blue doggy shampoo everywhere - is a sight to behold. Armeggedon springs to mind. After I have towel dried her she stalks off in a strop to the other side of the room and turns her back on me for a couple of hours - as she's in such a huff at the indignity of it all!!!  I do love her!!!!

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