Monday 13 October 2008

Weekend report

You may be interested to know (or not) that I didn't do any of the chores over the weekend that I was meant to do. I spent the whole time doing absolutely nothing of any importance. Frazer, my brother arrived on Saturday afternoon, so we stayed in and had food and watched the X factor . On Sunday I walked Millie in the morning with Jo and Colin, and then in the afternoon I walked her again along the riverside in Weybridge, a quick drink at the Minnow and then GBK for food. Then later on I went into Weybridge with Frazer and met Su for a drink. 

And that's all - no cleaning, no laundry, no ironing, no horse riding - not a thing of any bad is that? I really am turning into a total tramp, slut, lazy arse....

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