Monday 13 October 2008

Another Week

So - here we are facing another week - which at the moment is quite empty - well not totally - but a bit! I am still waiting for inspiration to strike - a sense of direction or purpose to come whizzing into my brain - am quite happy to wait a while longer for that to happen - but filling my time with constructive stuff is proving difficult. I've never been one of those people who can just 'be' - I am one of those people who likes to 'do'.  I should really be revelling in this time off work - after all - it's been a long time coming - but I feel quite guilty about not being productive. One of the dangers is having too much thinking time. If you don't have anything creative to think about - or work related - you tend to fill your head with all kinds of sh**e. Nonsensical rubbish for the most part :) Especially my head (no surprise there then). 

I am convinced that the Universe will reveal my next path to me when the time is right.

Maybe I should do some voluntary work?

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