Monday 27 October 2008

Muffin Top

It's true - I am putting weight on.  I have two pairs of jeans that were Dan's and when she gave them to me I could pull them off without undoing the zips. Now I am struggling to fasten them. I have been able to see my hip bones for at least the last three years - now they are buried to the point where I am no longer sure that I have them (are my legs held on to my pelvis with string then now?) It's all this decadent living - and since Phoebe moved yards I don't have to go down each day and muck her out anymore so that daily exercise has disappeared from my 'fitness regime' (fitness regime? what bloody fitness regime? does that include the 'glass to lips' exercise with 1,000 reps?). I am going to have to do something and quite fast as I'm off to Spain at the end of next week and hopefully it will be warm enough to get out my bikini. Perhaps I need to stop food shopping in M&S for a while and start shopping in Salads 'R' Us or somewhere similar? I really don't want to go on a diet as it's sooooo boring - but neither do I want to be a chumpa wumpa :) The other contributory factor is my happiness. When I am miserable I lose weight, and when I am content I put weight on. So that tells you that right now I am very happy!!!

The one good thing is that my buzzooms are bigger, and quite a bit firmer (oh how lovely, how truly truly lovely)  - but getting bigger boobs is not enough of an incentive to make me relaxed about becoming a podge. 

At the moment I am a size ten / twelve - but previously I was a size eight / ten, and I have actually been a size six / eight in the dim and distant past. If I carry on with the weight gain thing inside a year I'm going to be a size 16/18 - and that would never ever do!!!

So we need to think of a plan which will enable us to say goodbye to the muffin top but  keep the boobies. Any ideas gratefully received - but please don't anybody suggest anything stupid like running.

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