Friday 31 October 2008


Now then - let's have a think about communication. We have so many different ways of communicating with people in our hi-tech computer driven world. We have e mail, sms, mms, blackberrys, e mail on the move, wi-fi, sat phones, and probably many many more - but in my little ignorant bubble I can't think of the others. Somebody smart and technology 'au fait' like Christian will be able to tell me loads more. Oh yes - we also have the good old 'dog and bone'. 

However - when I was a company trainer and training sales people to 'sell',  one thing I used to teach was that a large percentage of understanding in communication comes from the visual side of things. Body language - eye contact and all of that malarkey. It's extremely important - really. So that's why it's important to make the effort and actually get in front of people and engage with them in proper conversation. People need to be able to see your face when you are talking to them - so much can be misunderstood with the written word, and if you can see a person's face - one look, one smile, one frown, one expression, one raise of an eyebrow can speak volumes!

Perhaps is those who are in 'Charge' of us all realised this a bit more we may have more understanding and therefore less problems in the world today? I don't know what do you think? 

For me personally you can't beat a good old natter across a table with someone. So today I'm off to have a good old natter with Trish. 


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