Monday 20 October 2008

Great Customer Service - Nissan

Have just called the local Nissan dealer to get a price for the rear light fitting for the truck. £170 plus vat - that's because it's a complete unit - and only £30 plus vat for fitting - I don't think that's too bad really - I was expecting it to be more than that. They answered the phone straight away and there was none of this "Press 1 for Frustration, Press 2 for annoyance, Press 3 to be disconnected, Press 4 to get steam coming out of your ears" (Bt could learn from Nissan) I just spoke to Kevin, he gave me the price and booked it in, ordered the part - which will be here tomorrow morning - and it only takes half an hour to get done. So far I'm impressed with the Nissan Dealership at Walton :)

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