Friday 31 October 2008

Music Playlists

I have just had to remove the music playlist. It was a nice idea while it lasted but unfortunately it never worked properly - streaming issues? And what's more it slowed everything right down...drove me bonkers to be honest. So for now silence while reading this is the way forward. I may explore alternatives or spend more time searching for tracks without streaming issues so that it becomes less frustrating - but for now it is no more. If you like music while you read - you could just hum along to a tune that plays in your head - or switch on your i tunes - at least that way you get to listen to what you like and not something that I choose. 

Tunes I am listening to on today's i tunes playlist are......Highway Blues - Ernie Watts (Saxaphone), Place to Crash - Robbie Williams, Amazing - Aerosmith, Big City Life - ?, Burning down the house - Talking Heads, Dirty little secret - Bon Jovi, Little Bird - Annie Lennox, and Something's Got a Hold of My Heart - Gene Pitney.

Talking of i tunes (were we? ) I need to update and synch my ipod with the latest playlists as I will be taking it to Spain next Friday - did I tell you I'm going to Spain next week for four days? I did? - well no harm in hearing it again - is there? Green? Envious? 

It's a good job our music choices aren't analysed by a shrink - they would have a field day with me :)

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