Sunday 19 October 2008

Brave Dan

Today Dan and Roo are eventing. It's the last event of the season. They're staying in the bigger class now - so that's huge progress. She has just sent me a picture of Roo all plaited up and ready to go - fingers crossed for them both. Brave and fearless duo!!!! I am so proud of her - because truth be known - she's not naturally brave and fearless at all. She takes after me in that she's quite cautious and not naturally sporty and gung ho. So I know that each and every time she rides at an event - she has to face massive fears and conquer them. She does that quietly and with great grace. She gathers her inner strength and determination,  and then her desire to achieve becomes bigger than her fears. So - she is actually much braver than those who are naturally fearless. I have no clue where she gets her inner strength and determination and the quiet still way in which she deals with and faces her demons. Both her dad and I have very little of that quiet grace! (No - we're much more likely to be running around making a big song and dance about everything :)

I have seen her do that over and over again since she first sat, (trembling) on a pony at nine years old - that's why whenever she falls off she gets straight back on again, and that is why I am so immensely and massively proud of her, and I will always be her biggest fan. 

I, on the other hand - am not brave or fearless at all - mind you saying that I was a little bit brave yesterday in my riding lesson - but only because Phoebe is so very good. However, this morning my legs are stiff  and I struggled to get them out of bed...which, for me, is not a good thing.

Busy today - dropping Su off at Heathrow for two weeks in the States (jammy cow) and then up to Oxfordshire for lunch. Before all of that I have to walk the dog, do the laundry, iron something to wear, feed the cat, check on the fish, phone a friend, write some cheques (boo hiss), call my Mum, go and buy some wine (hic!), put diesel in the car, fill the windscreen washer, write and post a birthday card, get out the scaffolding (for applying make-up), apply polyfiller, go for a short run (if my legs will let me), yaddah yaddah yaddah........

Today I think I need 3 weetabix :) I hope Dan has had hers!!

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